Escape The Butchers of
Cannamore Orchard

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“…a must for escape room enthusiasts”


“Love the rustic setting, creepy, confined, couple of rooms, keep you interested! Oh and the maze is a nice touch, never seen that before. Worth the drive, “

Ontario’s FIRST Escape Maze!!

escape maze

Our Escape Maze is now closed for the winter season. We’re busy working on some changes and will be back up and running once the snow melts and the temperature warms up! Thanks to everyone who made our first year a successful and amazing one! 

Do you like Escape Games? Well, here’s one with a twist… and a turn and another… It’s Ontario’s first Escape Maze.

Your group of 4-6 friends visit lovely Cannamore Orchard for a pleasant evening of puzzles and laughs, but you soon realize that things are not what they seem. Oppressive dark, uncomfortable atmospheres, enigmatic clues. And then there’s the chanting.

Can you solve the riddles and get out of the rooms? Can you run the claustrophobia-inducing maze? Can you escape The Butcher’s of Cannamore Orchard?

Simply put, we’re a little screwed up. We are locking you and your friends up with only 45 minutes to escape! You are visiting beautiful Cannamore Orchard in the heart of Crysler Ontario. While out on a tour of the Orchard with one of our tour guides, you’re shown to the original farmhouse of Dennis and Claire Taylor, the owners of Cannamore Orchard. But something seems strange; you’re getting an eerie gut feeling. Before you can alert your friends someone grabs you! You find yourself in a small dark space, unable to make out where you’ve ended up. Are you able to find clues, solve puzzles and ultimately find the key to get out before time’s up?

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